Update to Latest Version

This article is only for upgrade, not for new installation.

Latest version: v0.9.9 (Jun 19, 2020)
v0.9.9 (Jun 19, 2020): Add static files cache
v0.9.8 (May 17, 2020): Add LDAP Authentication, static website, fastcgi support.
v0.9.7 (Mar 29, 2020): Add OAuth2 (WeChat Work, DingTalk, Feishu) for applications and admin portal. Admin listen configurable. Web SSH configurable.
v0.9.6 (Feb 27, 2020): Add domain 301 redirect.

View current version

The version information is available at admin portal, or:

./janusec --version

Version 0.9.5+ upgrade to 0.9.9

config.json changed in V0.9.9, so backup and new config.json is required:

#cd /data/
#wget https://www.janusec.com/download/janusec-latest.tar.gz
#tar zxf ./janusec-latest.tar.gz
#mv /usr/local/janusec/config.json /usr/local/janusec/config.json.old
#cp ./janusec-0.9.9/config.json.primary_bak /usr/local/janusec/config.json

Edit /usr/local/janusec/config.json, refer to Configuration File, set database information.

#vi /usr/local/janusec/config.json

then install the latest version(config.json will not be overwrote if it exists.):

#cd /data/janusec-0.9.9/
#systemctl restart janusec

Version 0.9.4 or earlier upgrade to 0.9.9

0.9.5 changed the service type, so before installation:

#systemctl stop janusec

stop the service. Next, and then repeat above upgrade process.


#systemctl restart janusec

not work, just kill it.

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